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Re: On yer bike

Da_Nit there is an identical one on the opposite site they say "WARNING: Beware of the Dog", Sven is not a biter of humans but in this litigious era it's good to cover ones bases.

Next step is probably to put a foam footprint down on the base of the trailer to give him a little more comfort, ordered a new thru axle that is compatible with the B.O.B trailer so I'll probably do a short little mini trip with the new bike and set up to get a feel for everything and make packing decisions. There is a place called Bradwell Bay in the Apalachicola National forest that wasn't touched by the rampant logging of the last two centuries so there is a 100 acre pocket of old growth slash pines and swamp black gum which I've never seen. Now would be a good time to go because it's been really dry and hot lowering the amounts of standing water one would normally encounter there.

Another place I've been wanting to visit is the uninhabited St. Vincent's island which has no road access and was stocked back in the early 20th century with exotic Asian game animals for sport hunting. The only species to take hold and survive is the Sambar Deer which can weigh up to 700 lbs and once a year are available to be hunted on a lottery system. The island is pretty wild there are supposedly large populations of feral hogs, not sure how I'd get there but one part of the island is only 1/4 mile from shore so swimming would be an option!

As promised here is the return trip from my earlier delivery video to the state Capitol;

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