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After a flat and side tracking thanks to the unsecured Jack Russell terror three miles south of Chiefland who crossed four lanes of Highway 19/98 twice made to Old Town where I reprovisioned then backtracked to my beloved stealth camp on the east bank of the Suwanee would have liked to make Tennille.

One of the highlights was crossing what remains of the 1/3 completed trans Florida canal which was started in the 1930's worked on piecemeal until being shelved after 70 million spent and what must have been quite a lot of digging. The canal is now protected with a 300 foot buffer on either side the section I crossed is on Hwy 19 just south of Inglis and ran due west into the Withlacootchee Bay. They have a bike trail running along it but that will have to wait.

Also spent some time at the very cool Herschels General store in little Otter Creek which used to be a stop on the florida passenger rail line. that runs alongside much of highway 98/19, such a shame we lost the robust passenger rail system of the past. Did spend a short break north of Gulf Hammock to spell Svėn from his torture ride at a trestle that spanned a nice little spring.

Believe it or not the even tinier than Otter Creek, Gulf Hammock has retained its post office and is even scheduled to have a new one built despite being in the middle of a very rural area less than 10 miles south of Otter Creek. Mailed some postcards at the OC P.O and the postmaster there said it made no sense to her but guess it's kind of neat for these shrunken communities to hang on to those cornerstones of civic life.

Chiefland is right up there on the cities I speed through, safely out I started venturing off 98 North and West to link up with the Nature Coast trail rode some great pasture and planted pine forest rural roads along the way. SVĖN ran himself ragged it was hard to keep him from overheating all he wanted to do was show off his wheels on the last parts to mighty Old Town.

115 miles to Tallahassee going to look for a predawn start and dusky entrance back into the Capitol of this great state.

Pictures to come cell signal here is weak

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