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Re: On yer bike

Started the trip home yesterday around 8am after a good time riding the electric assist fat tire bikes at Fort Desoto on Monday.

Picked up the Pinellas Trail not far from Treasure Island and took that all the way to Tarpon Springs, passing through Dunedin and Palm harbor. Had lots of company from other cyclists and pedestrians the trail even had separate paths for each along most of its course.

After the nice start on the trail it would be a tough go on exposed blacktop along highway 19 winding north through several miles of strip malls into and leaving New Port Richey.

Made my target of Homomossa Springs albeit slightly later 830pm than anticipated because of a double flat tube situation involving the trailer wheel and rear.

A pair of bikers came through the trail near my camp at close to 4am asking if I had a patch kit, helped the guy get fixed and off they went to their homeless encampment, a fun diversion from the normal. Lots of critters were moving around in the woods keeping me up anyway.

On to a bike shop in Crystal River my cranks have loosened up slightly which could be a total immobilizer if not corrected should cover close to half of my 170 miles home today, the balance tomorrow right ahead of some wet weather approaching from the Atlantic

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