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Re: Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

A couple of Beautiful days on the coast. So doing outside work in garden - Weeded my row of strawberries (a few plants already have small green berries) and blueberry and raspberry bushes. Tilled the garden yesterday and fed it and then re-tilled today. Nice spring weather, sunny and warm so perfect time to get this done before any more soaking rain. I also purchased some potato starts and red and white onion starts to get going on the planting. Plan on getting more swiss chard in and beets (mainly for beet greens) and peas. Just a few cherry tomato plants. Too cool about here for good tomato growing. Last year only the cherry tomatoes got anywhere near ripe.

View of garden from corner toward the backyard and house.

View uphill towards the deep, dark woods

The soil is very good except one end has a bit more clay but not enough to cause any real problems.

Hoards of tourist are already clogging the roads and being a nuisance. Word is out I guess. And right now is a better time to visit - before the damn North Wind starts up and blows all summer long. If you hit it right Spring is almost as good as Fall for visiting.
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