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Re: Crowdsource Syndicate Sports Betting

We make progress in one end but struggle on the other. I read an article that said K's are up this year, maybe they are un-juicing the balls?? Regardless, it will all fix itself as I have faith in TGTB v3.2 (BETA). I did notice the projections for K's today a little higher than usual, so maybe it is learning. Guess we will find out when we see the lines. I've been up since 5am (aka 45 minutes ago) pouring over the data and early Total Bases lines to offer you the best.

Stephen Strasburg (WAS) u7 -114 LOSS -1.14
Jake Junis (KCA) o5.5 -114 WIN +1
James Paxton (NYA) u7.5 -114 LOSS -1.14
B. Anderson (OAK) K o3 -130 PUSH
E. Rodriguez (BOS) K u5.5 +110 WIN +1.1
Trevor Bauer (CLE) u7.5 +127 LOSS -1 (Almost had this one, didn't count on a guy coming into the 7th inning after throwing 100 pitches and then striking out the side. Enjoy the inevitable Tommy John surgery as a result of this.)
A a ron Sanchez (TOR) o4.5 +110 WIN +1.1
Tyler Mahle (CIN) o4.5 +110 WIN +1.1
Yu Darvish (CHN) o6 +110 LOSS -1
Max Fried (ATL) o5.5 -103 LOSS -1.03
Edinson Volquez (TEX) o3.5 +100 LOSS -1
Yesterday: 4-6-1 -2.01
Total: 11-16-1 -6.41

Total Bases:
Baez -120 over Acuna Jr (TheGreek) WIN +1
J. Soto -115 over M. Conforto (5d/TheGreek) WIN +1
J. Ramirez -135 over Drury (5d/TG) PUSH
M. Trout -135 over N. Mazara (5d/TG) CANCELLED (Mazara DNS)

Yesterday: 2-0-1 +2u
Total: 5-5-4 +0.4u

K. Bauers (CLE) hits+runs+RBI -155 over J. Smoak CANCELLED (Smoak DNS)
R. Grichuk (TOR) hits+runs+RBI +105 over T. Naquin LOSS -1
Yesterday: 0-1 -1u

Total bases:
Marte +105 over Votto
Bryant -115 over Shaw (he must be due to get a hit, it's been all season)
Springer -115 over K. Davis
Goldschmidt -135 over Machado
Austin Meadows -115 over Belt
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