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Re: Crowdsource Syndicate Sports Betting

omg you bet on a guy who isnt in the lineup!?! I remember getting absolutely killed on here for that last time we did this, G. You and your chat room friends all ganged up on me.

But thats all in the past. This is a fun idea and its interesting you guys/us feeding the bottom feeders. Now I can leave some crumbs for them instead of being one and trying to ingest every single crumb!

I may have some late hockey plays for you guys. My nhl player points model is still doing excellent. Once the playoffs start ill hopefully be posting a ton. If any of you guys follow me and we run hot I will expect some venmo tips. JK!

BTW, rsigly, that story you posted early in the thread was pure gold. I would love to read more stuff like that. Would LOVE to. I can post some fun things like that too. Maybe we can start another thread where we post fun gambling stories. I have more than a few as you can probably imagine, dealing with Boston locals who pretend to be "mobbed up" and who STILL take correlated parlays. Or "illegal bets" as they say.

Anyway, its fun to "be back." Sorry I yelled at you wiper. But I didnt like what you said about me.

And hi to all the lurkers! We were at the top, got knocked down a little bit and now we rise back up, stronger than ever.
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