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Re: Crowdsource Syndicate Sports Betting

If the lines are good 1 hour before there's always value. Need to get yourself a real book though that isn't afraid to take chances.

All those lines posted are significantly better than widely available ones. You can probably make money just blindly betting them.

Got an early split on K's with Strasburg K'ing everyone except Cano.

B. Anderson (OAK) K o3 -130
Trevor Bauer (CLE) u7.5 +127
A a ron Sanchez (TOR) o4.5 +110
Tyler Mahle (CIN) o4.5 +110
Yu Darvish (CHN) o6 +110
Max Fried (ATL) o5.5 -103
E. Rodriguez (BOS) K u5.5 +110

These are all available on the BetOnline/5D/Ladbrokes/etc. Bet Builder
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