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Re: Crowdsource Syndicate Sports Betting

Nice day yesterday to begin to turn things around. We really dug ourselves a big hole to climb out of. It's all about the long run though and eventually we will get out.

Last night I was sitting in the sportsbook capping some late night races, getting in on some early MLB overnight lines, and checking up on my bets when my stomach started hurting. I thought it was the chicken salad from the Vig Deli at the M Resort (wouldn't be the first time), but I glanced up at the TV's and saw Bryant was AB in the top of the 9th. I checked the box score and saw he had 0 TB's and so did Freeman, so we were essentially free rolling. Then I remembered, TomG was on the other side. If I win that means he loses, so indirectly I also lose. I prayed that Bryant wouldn't get a hit (it helped that I had ATL ML) and thankfully the prayer was answered and we got a push. I know in the future we will be on opposite sides again as TomG is using THE BAT for his projections and I'm using in-house developed proprietary TomG Total Bases v3.2 (BETA) for mine. It's inevitable they will have disagreements in the future as they are using different cutting edge technologies to produce their lines. I'm hoping this will get easier in the future.

Who saw Kluber's meltdown for our only total bases loss coming??

Total Bases:

Pham +100 over Arenado WIN +1
Ramirez -125 over Abreu LOSS -1.25
Belt -105 over Bellinger WIN +1
Bryant -115 over Freeman PUSH
Betts -125 over K. Davis WIN +1

Yesterday: 3-1-1 +1.75u
Total: 3-4-3 -1.6u


Marquez K u7.5 -105 WIN +1
Peralta K o5.5 -140 WIN +1
Lucchesi (SDN) K o5.5 -125 WIN +1
Boyd (DET) K u4.5 +120 LOSS -1 (13 K's, really?)
DeGrom K (NYN) o8.5 -125 WIN +1
Mike Minor K o4 +100 WIN +1
Miles Mikolas K o4 -115 LOSS -1.15
Gerritt Cole K u8 -115 LOSS -1.15

Yesterday: 5-3 +1.7
Total: 7-10 -4.4

Today (K's later):
Baez -120 over Acuna Jr (TheGreek)
J. Soto -115 over M. Conforto (5d/TheGreek)
J. Ramirez -135 over Drury (5d/TG)
M. Trout -135 over N. Mazara (5d/TG)

These are also available at various vegas places!

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