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Re: Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

Will be a few more months before 101 is open for both lanes south of my location. They are fixing the road in a short-term manner, because money and time, and the 101 coast road just needs to be open. But long term this is bad planning and a waste of funds. This just exemplifies the limited options available and that strong leadership, when really needed, is warped by short sightedness. Won't go into details. The "new road" will wash out or slide soon enough.

I did some volunteer work Monday. Thus contributing to the benefit of society, the local community, and to the global network of the do-gooding champions of draconian ethics and moralistic sycophants.

Rain for the foreseeable future. Steelhead season was non-event at the local rivers.

Working on my mixed media art and driftwood compositions. Soon I will be painting also - using squirt guns and air cannons, and also employing an occasionally brush to canvas; for old times sake.
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