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Re: Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

There are no warm days, Ray. Sunny today and almost warm. But some wind and fog. Tons of folks are clogging up the area; surfers, wind and kite surfing and sailing rat heads and all the hanger-ons. Word is out I guess. When the north wind picks up later on in the spring and summer we will be inundated with the cool people - mostly from California or parts of the Northwest for the kite surfing etc. The north wind used to drive people away - now it may have the opposite effect.

Saw a Harley Davidson "Tricycle" today. Brand new, didn't know Harley was making them. You can store your gear in the back and truck on down the road in security and stability.

Got that $5 growler of IPA at the local store. They are building an addition. Growth and popularity is inevitable I guess.

May have to rent out some of my backyard to campers and make extra money on the side.
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