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Re: 222,222 Spin&Go Games: Endurance Challenge

Originally Posted by youngdaggerdick View Post
You said that problem were VS fish play and u were winner/breakeven vs reg, why are u going to full gto if exploitative strategy can get more chips vs fish ?
Bad results, no impact of studying exploit.
In theory this should work, in practice it shows worse results than GTO.
I can't do anything with it, really tried.
Maybe I'm an idiot or stupid or don't understand something,
but playing according solutions of PioSOLVER gave me results better than some exploit lines, adjusted based on trends of pop tends and HUD.

I've seen a lot of bots in my life, including zoom, where there was a clearly locked exploit strategy and they are crushing 10bb/100 most tough game at that time.
Okay, but I still don't understand how it works.
I can lock any pop tends in PioSOLVER and see how i need to adjust my strategy.
I'm not blind and know about all fish leaks, common reg leaks.
It is easily can be locked, but what happening in practice?
I'm running like a dumb, random clicker grinder.
Potentially, I increased my EV by exploits, but in reality my variance has become quite insane.
The f7ck is that not logical and weird. The higher the winrate, the lower the variance.

Respected players and strong players me say:
"Dude, what you want? You playing 10 tables, forget about exploit, you cannot do it perfect as 3-4 tables player"
It seems true, there's no point in trying anymore.

Perhaps it was originally a misconception and GTO crushing much better than exploit.
But I don't know, I don't care.
My plan: no more exploit.
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