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Re: 222,222 Spin&Go Games: Endurance Challenge

Every time I gave the last chance to exploit style.
I was completely disappointed in this.

I return to the GTO setup of 2018.
This setup helped me win 20,000 challenge.
He raised me to the limit 100$ and gave a stable income.

Exploit just destroyed me.
There is a reason of course, for example look at my graph AI/CAI in HU after leave from EV deal.
This is a nightmare of any player, but it happened to me in reality


Now I'm going back to GTO, disable HUD, disable nicknames.
Yes, nicknames, I played a lot w/o any nicknames only with tags "BUTTON/SB/BB"
Who cares anyway? Play in GTO against all.
It takes away the moments when someone beats you or running over EV you all the time.
Minimizes the ego.

At the moment I restore my knowledge by grinding in Simple GTO Trainer + PioSOLVER + InstaGTO hands reviews.
I need time to remember all the details and get back to the game.

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