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Re: 222,222 Spin&Go Games: Endurance Challenge

Well 50-60$/h playing 8 hours is 400-500$ a day and this is not good for russia/ukraine??.Man theres people who work all life/make sacrifices get promotions to higher positions etc to take this kind of money and have bosses on their heads .I dont want to say that u didnt put a lot of work,hours ,dedication but 400$ a day is top salary even in good countries for educated man so i dont know what u dont like about this.All i wanted to say is that is good deal if u really would make 50$/h for longterm for playing cards and mby sometimes even more .Going into Mtt scene unless u're HS crusher also would make much more than 50$/h and u must invest a lot of time transitioning i think since u are god at HU shortstack which would be usefull on hu/turbo/hyper tournaments and should learn quite a lot of ICM.
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