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Re: 222,222 Spin&Go Games: Endurance Challenge

Originally Posted by FREEQONE View Post
I consider about partypoker.
I have very good closed offers much better than stars grind.
Well, my $/hr capped at 50-60$/hr atm and i'm not agree with it.
I've done so much work, I have so much experience and in the end get humiliating results.

I don't know how to increase my EV in the spins.
Spending a ton of hours in lab? Nah, not working.
4-5 tables focusing on quality not improve it.
Losing games/hour and all the same.

I have planned to move to another apartment and after that I will try to make the last breakthrough.
I want to try a 100 hour work week or 400 grind hours a month.
No theory, no solvers, no PT4 analysis.
Only pure grind.
F7ck it.
It's all useless, it doesn't help me.
All I can do now is play a lot.
I don't stream, but I don't play.
Since January 20, I played 1000 games and on the 25$ stake.
I'm depressed and angry at the same time.
I'll return the streams when I get back to the game.

If things don't get better, I'll end up with spins and trying something new.
I think it will be the MTT.
Just my opinion but still don't think you are looking at this logically, which is weird because strategically you are very analytical. Everything is pointing towards a standard nasty patch of variance. Only way to get through is play your way out in games/stake where you almost certainly have edge and stakes financially aren't too stressful.IMO forget about 100 hour week that's ridiculous, 10 tabling 7-8 hours a day is plenty with the odd 10-12 hour day on weekends. Would also forget about streaming more then 1-2 times a week unless it's making you money that's just a distraction.
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