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Re: 222,222 Spin&Go Games: Endurance Challenge

Originally Posted by saintanna23 View Post
You play poker they way grinders used to during the golden SNE times with the big difference that u are getting close to O RB. Why don't u play on partypoker? This year they got their own SNE program and special deal until 100% rakeback for the first 2 grinders reaching 200K rake.
I consider about partypoker.
I have very good closed offers much better than stars grind.
Well, my $/hr capped at 50-60$/hr atm and i'm not agree with it.
I've done so much work, I have so much experience and in the end get humiliating results.

I don't know how to increase my EV in the spins.
Spending a ton of hours in lab? Nah, not working.
4-5 tables focusing on quality not improve it.
Losing games/hour and all the same.

I have planned to move to another apartment and after that I will try to make the last breakthrough.
I want to try a 100 hour work week or 400 grind hours a month.
No theory, no solvers, no PT4 analysis.
Only pure grind.
F7ck it.
It's all useless, it doesn't help me.
All I can do now is play a lot.
I don't stream, but I don't play.
Since January 20, I played 1000 games and on the 25$ stake.
I'm depressed and angry at the same time.
I'll return the streams when I get back to the game.

If things don't get better, I'll end up with spins and trying something new.
I think it will be the MTT.
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