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Re: 222,222 Spin&Go Games: Endurance Challenge

Originally Posted by saintanna23 View Post
I don't understand this. How do u assume ur cev is 3 points higher than it actually is in your PT4? Of course if u assume such things one can justify basically anything. CEV will always depend on how the games are in any given time and since the start of spins, average cevs are decreasing cause fish get better and more regs in the game because of hyperschool and stake groups. Just look at hyperschool stats since their start. Their monthly profits are decreasing steadily while player pool is growing.

I hope you are correct and games are not dying but i think it would be so good for the games if all staking groups and hyperschools would be banned.

In my PT4 DB more than 100K games at 100s with overall winrate 39
I already gave a discount of 5 chipev because of the bad field at 100s
So I think I'm adequate in my assumptions
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