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Re: 222,222 Spin&Go Games: Endurance Challenge

Originally Posted by tittenmaus69 View Post
your actual hourly is 25$. how can it be 200-250 soon?
I mean in context what stakes to play
Guy asked me why I'm playing 100s instead 30s, when 30s have more EV$/hr.
I will clarify more mathematically.

My average winrates 30s: 47, 100s: 35
Yeah, atm 31, but i'm pretty sure it is a very bad run, but anyway, lets assume it is 34 today.
it would be at 100s with 75 games/hour 43,87$EV$/hour.
At 30s 43,75EV$/hour
This is my longrun $/hr and i'm ok with this
But sometimes we get best run, when avg chipev gains +10 chipEV
So 30s 57 chipev, 100s 44 chipev
In $/hr at 30s 85,76$EV/hour, at 100s 185$EV/hour.

So there is a big difference when we running hot.
Thats why i'm playing 100s, yeah, i have same EV at the end, but someday this day will come, when I will win every hand next 5-6k games.
In addition, grinding on 100$ keeps you on your toes and forces you to constantly study.

All numbers I calculated with 75 games/hour and -0.3% ROI EV deal offer.
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