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Hey guys I have an extra bottle of pappy 20 Iím going to attempt to sell. Iíve looked into it a bit but donít like the idea of mailing it off to a company then waiting on a check after their approval. Whatís the best route to go about doing this? I would prefer to do a local sale. I did find a few people ďlookingĒ on Craigslist but their offers were pretty laughable. Like Iím gonna sell you at retail what a local liquor store would be super lucky to get ahold of. One guy did say my offer was 1200 too high so maybe Iím wrong? Iím not sure. I figured 1700-2k is top but doable. Not to mention this should continue Rising for a true collector every year. Any help appreciated
The going rate for the 20yr on Facebook secondary is $1300 as of yesterday. The 23yr goes for $1700.
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