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OP would you be willing to bet money he takes precisely 5 seconds to act on every hand. Not that I'd bet against you, but I would say this is either a thing that is or isn't true and could be proven one way or another. So would you bet? Are you sure?

I'm honestly not sure if you're that sure, so I'm curious.

Edit: I see that Monterey has probably basicly destroyed the thread. I'm out, good day all.

Originally Posted by otatop View Post
You do know there's a thing called "lag" right? So just because he appears to take "precisely" 5 seconds per action it doesn't actually mean he's taking that time.

Also hilarious that you're implying this dude's a bot because of his massive volume of 60 tournies a day, lol.
I doubt lag would cause you to take precisely 5 seconds on every single action you take over a certain period of time. But maybe I'm dumb/wrong here.

Anyways I greatly doubt the OP's story now anyways.

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