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Re: Suspicious player on Stars?

What a weird thread. You are complaining about a guy who has played 5,000 tournaments this year (nothing exceptional), who also played a ton of 6 man turbo SnGs (hint, mainly guys were mass tabling tournaments like those in the good ol days) 7ish years ago, which again is nothing exceptional. Perhaps he was doing SNE in those days (his game selection like the $55 6 man turbos was one SNEs played). Looking further it seems that 2011 was a year he went for SNE (about 100,000 games played ABI over $20). 2012 was about half the volume but more than double the ABI, so maybe SNE or close again. 2013 was 9,000 games with a low ABI so the SNE tries were done. He barely played much after that for a couple years and now is back trying his hand in some lower buy in games.

Your average tournaments per day statistic is totally useless. Your assessment of the situation is inane. Nothing came of it because nothing is here, other that you being a bit whiny because this guy takes longer than you would like to play.
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