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Re: Unofficial Chico Network (BetOnline, Tiger, etc.) Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by ldmariodl28 View Post
What is the rake of NL100 BBJ compared to regular NL100?
This is from Professional RakeBack's Rake Comparison for Online USA Cash Games article.

This is from the's BBJ Promotion page.

I'll include this since the T&C were obviously not updated with the new payout structure.

Originally Posted by gopackthomas View Post
Name sounds like a person
There was a bot with the account name Adam_Smith. Bot users are not restricted in the account name that they can choose. I have no idea if politeXnik is a bot as I don't believe he plays 6max 25nl-100nl. I do know a few 9max bots at those stakes, but I don't play them as often so I probably don't know them all.

Edit: I now see that he's playing PLO. Is it easier to win this contest playing PLO even with less traffic than NLHE or is he just grinding all day?

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