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Re: PioSOLVER - postflop equilibrium solver for Holdem

Is it possible to have multiple notifications when a calculation is complete? I would like to add both opening a url and a sound file but seems like it's only possible to do one of them
You could combine those in one program (or .bat file) and choose that as notification when calculation is complete.

If I purchased the piosolver edge but then realized that my computer is not able to handle all the functionality like I anticipated, is there a way I can downgrade to a lower version and get a refund?
In general our commercial versions are not intended as trials. There is a free version for that. Refunds complicate accounting and incur additional costs for us.
I realize the edge version doesn't have a trial now. It's geared towards people who have really serious hardware. By that I mean 64GB of RAM and a fast modern CPU (in general at least hexa core). If you don't have access to hardware like that it doesn't make sense to buy it.

That being said we will refund it for you if you ask in reasonable time (1-2 weeks). Our refund policy is that we don't ask questions unless someone is abusing the license. We can only afford to have this policy because in general abuse here is rare. Most software companies have no refunds once the program is opened policy. I hope we will not be forced to switch to that.
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