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Re: [ANN][ICO] CoinPoker: Poker future is today!

Originally Posted by Joerie View Post
Nope, still nothing. I can see "in" and "out" transactions for the amount I withdrew from my CHP wallet address, but the address it is going to is not mine, it's another one with multiple CHP "in" and "out".

Quite sad to see how slow it is, although they market it as "instant" and even compare it with the slow processing times of "normal" poker sites.

I tought it was just based on a smart contract that would be automatically executed... Apparently not, this is a really bad sign in my opinion for this coin.
I did some research for you, and it seems your account was hijacked by the same guy who stole some CHP earlier from others. He creates a new address ( ) and uses it to verify someone else his address. He finds a way to know your verify ammount and then sends it (before you do) in ether to coinpoker. You then see in your coinpoker account that your account is verified. He then waits till you make your withdrawl (1911 CHP right ?). Those CHP appear in his "temporary" account and he then sends it to his main account ( ). Somehow he figured out your verify ammount while you claim in a post that someone else should not post this amount. Maybe you know how?

I have reported this guy about 2-3 weeks ago to coinpoker and told them to look into it and close his main account on coinpoker (thats all they can do) so that he loses his remaining CHP on coinpoker. I received an email that they would. But 3 weeks later, they have done nothing and he still makes transfers between coinpoker and his main account.

I suggest to either contact coinpoker or open a new account and send your remaining CHP to your new account. Maybe coinpoker can connect your coinpoker wallet to your own address instead of the hackers "temporary" one.I think coinpoker should refund you as they have done nothing while me and others reported the scam/address.

Originally Posted by Nonfiction View Post
So I have to buy coins just to verify my account in order to withdraw? sick system

Not sure if anyone is even playing on here (I just have a few bucks from freerolls) but if you could send me 0.000000* to 0x84af694c42093690f0081e45dccd99965a75f442 it would be appreciated.
If you still need help, I suggest to send me a pm. Maybe we can verify your account without the hacker stealing your account. If your account has already been verified, DO NOT CASHOUT.
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