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Re: *** Chess Low Content Thread ***

Originally Posted by The Yugoslavian View Post
Btw, I really wish they could put Hansen or Chirilla on the analysis board and/or the postgame interview. Is Ashley really that much more appealing to the casual player? I get that his energy has to be worth something and some of his phrasing is actually pretty great or at least entertaining. Ramirez is suuuuuuper arrogant when he does the analysis and Chirilla is a bit, but I think Hansen or Chirilla take the actual analysis even more seriously and I have to imagine they've worked with a computer more than Ashley.

Actually, I think they should go full ChessBrah with Hansen/Seirawan/Chirilla even though I really like Jenn. I think all those guys are even better on the St. Louis broadcast than their ChessBrah coverage of big events.
Meh, it seems Maurice and Jennifer are polarizing. I'm fully in the pro-Maurice and anti-Jennifer camp. Yeah, he spouts engine lines a bit too much, but I've always just liked the dude. Jennifer's voice gives me Ear cancer, though. And her analysis is in no way better than Maurice's. Yasser is beyond any criticism bar one. He's a legit Super-GM, but for the love of God, don't let him handle the mouse on the main board. He's just slow computer-wise, and his arrow drawing is hilarious at best. Then sometimes he ****s it up royally and doesn't even find the current position, etc.

If you're going to have Jennifer, give her the mouse. Let Yasser do what Yasser does best. Chess. No distractions of handling the main broadcast board.
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