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Re: *** Chess Low Content Thread ***

I have a problem with Fritz GUI/Komodo 10 (Windows 10-64bit).

After a recent reinstall it became a huge memory hog, regularly using 12 out of 16 GB RAM. While the max hash table size is 12 GB I set it to 8GB. The task manager still shows the program using 12 GB. With Firefox and VLC player running total memory usage is 95%+ and sometimes spikes to 100% causing freezes. I need to Alt+F4 the program to get the computer back to being responsive.
To keep this from happening while multi-tasking I have to kill some background processes currently not needed (eg. cloud services). Is there anything besides the hash table size that I can adjust?

On the other hand why is CPU usage only at ~50% despite all 4 cores being assigned to Komodo?
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