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Re: PioSOLVER - postflop equilibrium solver for Holdem

What about SSD? Did you see any difference between "normal" SSD or PCI-E? I was surprised yesterday after first time loading tree from HDD 5400rpm how slow it is
In general it won't matter for Pio as Pio doesn't use HDD/SSD during solving. If you make only small saves they load instantly anyway. It could only matter if you do full tree saves but as those are humongous it's likely a bad idea no matter how fast and big your drive is.
SSD is recommended for general computer experience though as it makes things way faster and smoother.

btw. in postflop subsets, there are numbers near board: 3sJdAs:1.67, 4s5s8d:0.97
What do these numbers mean? If I understood correctly, they are some weights.. but what weight means?
They are relative probabilities (that is if something has 2x the weight it's twice as likely to occur). Those are used when calculating overall EVs/frequencies/strategies in multifile aggregation reports and when solving preflop they are used as well.
You could convert them to absolute probabilities (likelyhood of occuring) by first calculating the sum of all weights and then dividing every weight by that number. For example if you have:

AsKhQc: 1.5
7s7h5d: 2.0
Qs5s2h: 0.5

This is equivalent to:

AsKhQc: 0.375
7s7h5d: 0.5
Qs5s2h: 0.125
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