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Re: PioSOLVER - postflop equilibrium solver for Holdem

Using Pio now for a long time but now I recognized that building the tree on its own (without starting the calculation) already changes my available ram significantly (depending on the tree size). Does this happen since the latest update (10.1.15) or was it always the case?
It was always the case. We allocate memory when the tree is built and then it stays constant (more or less, the threading library allocates/deallocates some pages sometimes).
If you need to get rid of a tree the simplest way is to restart the solver by going to Solver->reconnect.

F.e if im doing a 3bp postflop sim, then the pot has already been raked preflop
The rake is taken away at the end of the hand not during it. I know some poker sites show you otherwise, just ignore it. The result is the same anyway.

so should I set the starting pot otf smaller than what it should've been without rake?
Use the pot size without rake.

6max 100bb btnvco 3bp with a 5-10 blinds/chips structure and a5% and 15 chips cap environment. Btn 3b size is 80 so without rake the starting pot should be 80+80+15(blinds)= 175
Yes, use 175. The rake will be taken at the end of the hand.
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