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Re: PioSOLVER - postflop equilibrium solver for Holdem

@punter Can pio free users have access to the pre flop solutions from pio cloud? I downloaded them but I cant seem to open them on pio viewer. I get a message saying that the solver istn connected(same as mreps(see post above))
You need at least a basic version to read those. The reason is that the saves contain only minimal information and almost everything is recalculated on the fly when browsing. For this you need full engine implementation.

are there any plans yet for a trainer to accompany Pio such as SimpleGTO?
That's one of the oldest feature requests we've got, we even had that in our old decision tree software many years ago.
The reason it's not in Pio right now is that we didn't think we can make it useful enough because of some quirks of the algorithm we use. Right now those are overcome so some kind of trainer/guess the play is closer to the top of the features we won't to make available in the future again. Unfortunately I can't guarantee any timeline.
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