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Re: [ANN][ICO] CoinPoker: Poker future is today!

To be perfectly honest, CoinPoker needs to get their **** simplified if they expect to become popular with the masses.

My current situation is that I have 20,000 CHP in my CoinPoker account, and I want to cash some of it out to my hitBTC account

1) I verify my CoinPoker 'first deposit' using hitBTC since I never saw anything saying I shouldn't use an exchange, but rather, MyEtherWallet.

2) I send an email to CoinPoker and they say "you should have used MyEtherWallet" which I have no idea how to use, then they proceed to verify my CoinPoker deposits/withdrawals with the hitBTC address I provided with them.

3) The withdrawal tab on the CoinPoker client literally only allows you to enter an amount and click withdrawal. So, I can't change my "linked" hitBTC account to a MEW Trezor, if that's even how it works?

God I haven't felt this lost in a while. **** is TOO complicated.

Someone help me out on what to do next?
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