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Re: Empowering Players at Americas Cardroom

Originally Posted by CastleFrank13 View Post
Seriously, how can there be a thread created to discuss " empowering " the players with exactly ZERO participation from a rep? There have been other ideas brought up about how to improve security and not one reply from anyone at WPN. How does a site expect to maintain credibility when they choose to just bury their heads and hope things go away?
Obviously the company’s culture is poor. I think their employees, particularly in the marketing department, fundamentally misunderstand the client base & give themselves too much credit. There seems to be a real issue concerning lack of aptitude & understanding of standard business practices. Not sure where they’re getting talent from or how much they’re paying. Given the scope of problems & recent publicity it would seem logical to bring in some fresh perspectives.

More importantly, the tone gets set from the top down. As shown in Phil Nagy’s vid from a year ago they have low standards for themselves. When there is no one to compete against it’s easy to be #1 & develop an inflated ego.
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