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Originally Posted by Fishtankz View Post
4444pk ftw
One of the OG's!

Interesting to hear that you had no suspicions. Did you think that those players were just very aggressive (good) regulars?

I finished reviewing 2 regulars.
One 100% guaranteed bet365 bot is: Maumaumay
I reviewed one another high WWSF reg, but I couldn't find anything that points to him being a bot. I am still suspicious of him, but it's good that I can be wrong.
I have reviewed each one of the regs mentioned systematically, so I have multiple evidence before I accuse someone of being a bot. Some evidence is very obvious. If that isn't available, then I have to dig deeper. It's very easy to differentiate bot and normal reg btw.
Once you figure out that someone is not a bot, then you can start to think about what makes that player so good. That's the fun part of poker. It should be a humans game.
When I played on Party just about every player who I believed to be a bot, after a bit of analysis on HEM, had a WWSF>50%
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