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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

I also think you have to consider that many of the NFL players come from underprivileged and marginalized areas of society and this is their only chance at having a "good life". They've gone to school based on a scholarship, and now their family is dependent on that potential income. It's hard for them to just drop or not even attempt participating in the sport because of a possibility of a brain injury, so to not have sympathy for them because "they have a choice" is painting the whole situation with a pretty broad brush.

The reality is, until the socio-economic culture of the United States changes for the poor and marginalized, there is nothing but incentive for people to take a potential life-threatening risk to try to make it big in a simple game which is sure to cause some form of head trauma. Quite simply, some families can't afford NOT to put their children's skulls at risk.
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