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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Originally Posted by LKJ View Post
Really I have a hard time just lumping football and wrestling in together, despite their overlap in possible detriment to the performers. I realize that both took a path toward a profession that involves concussions without realizing the extent of the detriment arising from concussions, but a person pursuing a wrestling career always seems to me like someone who was willing to give up their bodies to all sorts of self-mutilation and destruction that a football player never would have reason to expect.

If the extent of the long-term damage to football players was what we once thought it was - that many of them end up with terrible knees and general damage to body parts that can be replaced - I would have no moral qualms with the game at all really. As it is, I understand where master is coming from, but there's no part of me that has seriously taken up the idea of quitting watching myself.
For me, the onset of CTE and recognizable brain damage has crossed the line from "sport I can enjoy" to "sport that makes me feel terrible for even considering enjoying." Like you said, when it was terrible knees, bad backs, and fractured femurs, yes it was bad but its moved from those things to literal matters of life and death, not just for the players but possibly for their loved ones.

I tried to ignore it for a long time. After Benoit, I continued to watch wrestling and chalked things up to a monstrous man doing monstrous things, but holy **** the more and more that is discovered about CTE and the impact that concussions have on the brain... the less I feel that the situation was as black and white as a monster coming out and self destructing his family.

His brain was broken, quite simply put, and I find it difficult each day to distance myself of what kind of responsibility I as a fan had to his brain breaking the way it did. I cheered the headbutts. I stood on my feet at home watching WM XX and cheered as he completed german after german, dropping himself on his head and neck in the process. Am I culpable? Am I culpable for the people that Aaron Hernandez killed, even in some small part?

I know I think about **** like that a bit too deeply, but seeing the things I used to cheer for kinda makes me sick. I was a huge Devils fan in the 90s. Nothing was more exciting to me than Scott Stevens laying somebody out with a (clean, legal) hit across center ice. It makes me sick now. I have to wonder if Eric Lindross might someday take a hatchet to his family because of it.

I dunno, Im rambling I know. It probably wouldnt have struck me to talk about at all, but seeing the guy laid out on that play in the super bowl really got to me. I hadnt watched all season and the game I tune into has a guy get pulled from the game for a concussion... ugh.
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