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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Really I have a hard time just lumping football and wrestling in together, despite their overlap in possible detriment to the performers. I realize that both took a path toward a profession that involves concussions without realizing the extent of the detriment arising from concussions, but a person pursuing a wrestling career always seems to me like someone who was willing to give up their bodies to all sorts of self-mutilation and destruction that a football player never would have reason to expect.

If the extent of the long-term damage to football players was what we once thought it was - that many of them end up with terrible knees and general damage to body parts that can be replaced - I would have no moral qualms with the game at all really. As it is, I understand where master is coming from, but there's no part of me that has seriously taken up the idea of quitting watching myself.
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