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Bots in Winning poker

Hello, I'm a nl25 6max poker player. I just found this bots in winning poker netwok that play in my level. I don't Know if the bots are playing in other levels. They are good bots and all of them play the same way.
I hope that winning poker can fix this problem.

The nicks of the bots are: Beautyh1ps, K1ngBradley, haba_haba, btwiwin,
wahtEvvER, Mumintroll, Farmboy11, lablador1010, urmiine, bigant33, PersonaGrata2016, jackofALL11, procustean, GorgeoLexi, Godbadugly.

Others that I no have a lot of hands but I know they are bots for the: Bet
missed last action on flop. The nicks are: Beav1s, SassyLaura, 4everdrunk.

You can see how all of them have similar stats.
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