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Re: 44bars wins 3 of the first 6 Boss Events on Americas Cardroom

Originally Posted by 44bars View Post
The lawyer is regarding the video that Joey did accusing me, anyway im up to escrow 100k as long as Joey gives me 5:1 odds, his 500k to my 100k, since he is so sure I do any shady stuff, and Im available to go to vegas and have him and any judges we determine watch me mass table as I do on a daily basis, we can setup any amount of hands you think its fair.
This will be my last post untill any investigation is done and Ive been apologized by Joey regarding these accusations which are totally false.

If someone told me that I would ever be having this type of back & forth in my life I wouldn't have believed it.

I will make you a deal because I love prop bets --

I will book a flight for you and your friends and "friends" to Vegas who were banned from PS and now play on ACR. You prove your innocence on both platforms to the judges.

You give me 10-1

Your $1mm to my $100k and we can escrow ASAP. I can have my lawyer write up something official for this and your lawyers can go over it. Mine will be present and you are free to bring yours with.

If you and your friends are found to have done nothing wrong on both sites, you win.

I am available in Vegas 24/7 to make this happen whenever you are ready.
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