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Re: ****Official PartyPoker/Bwin 2.0 MTT Discussion Thread****

Originally Posted by OzzyM View Post
Is it completely new software built on a new engine this time? Last time you've advertised "full new software" it turned out to be just a new skin not very different from what you can buy online or create via PartyCaption (and you banned me on Twitter for mentioning it @you ).

Not sure if that's right place to ask the question, but does Party plan to go on French/Spanish market any time soon?
We already are in both the Spanish and French markets
If you are asking regarding joint liquidity - yes it will happen in the coming months likely also including Italy and Portugal

Originally Posted by the4bettingmonk View Post
Anyone else getting tickets converted today by the system?

edit: Support confirmed they are exchanging tickets etc. to tournament dollars
Tickets will be converted when the series is complete in full - likely within 48 - 72 hours
Two events are still running - no tickets have been converted yet
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