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Re: Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

That's not how scientists do things, Ray. We need oodles of data so we can befuddle everyone and make it seem like we know it all. Because we do.

The will thing is important mainly for the house and property, and if I get into a plane crash from my frequent trips to Europe and elsewhere. My wad of cash needs to go somewhere besides to the government thieves.

And yeah, I do plan on spending all my ill-gotten wealth before I kick the bucket. Between 75-80 is the target age. The closer I get to 75 the more risky my adventures will be. I may do some gun running/smuggling before the end; I know someone in the Keys that has a 35 ft boat with a 345 HP turbo charged engine. And he has connections all over the world. He used to worked for a company that lay tele-cable on the ocean floor. Zing!
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