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Re: Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

Crabbing season still in limbo from my area south to the California border.

Revamped some of the drainage system from the roof of my house to runoff goes away from the foundation. Idiots that built the place more than 50 years ago placed it at the edge of a former log pond (it had filled in by then but it was still the low place on the property). The immediate area and upslope was logged about 100 years ago and logs yarded and placed in a small pond made for that purpose. My dad found some of the old equipment abandon in a swampy place just off the little creek that runs by the backyard, behind the house.

Smart people would have built the house further upslope, more near where the shop is now. But no. This just shows how most people have little foresight or plans or understanding, and, they ignore history. A lesson there. But only a few listen.
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