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Re: Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

Sound advice, thanks.

I already have a good vise, and sawzall (plus about every small power tool you need) and two bench dual grinders - one with wire and stone, and one bench grinder with two stones; one course and one fine. The latter one I purchased used from a really good secondhand tool store in Redneck Town # 2 nearby. Works very well. The other was a gift from my brother, also a used one but it works very well.

I have a band saw also - it's a bit old, a 12" craftsman. No drill press, so I'll probably upgrade and get a drill press and new band saw at some point.

When I rewired my shop last summer I had two 220 volt outputs installed in the panel. One a 20 amp, and one a 50 amp. So I'm set.

So yeah, I need to slap some money around but that's Ok; that's what it for.
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