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Re: Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

buy used on the welders. lincon on the tombstone and miller or lincon on the wire feed. if doing light work you ca get by with a 110 wire feed. but in your shop have a 220 pluging for the welders or any other 220 thing you may get like a big table saw. i use 110 for all my stuff except the welders. and my air compressor.
break open your wallet my friend.

chop saw, rigid is good from home depot. or dewalt better. mikita beast. both cost too much. about 6oo for what you want.
ryobi is cheap and for just general building will get you by. about half price on those.

you also need a bench grinder with a wire wheel and a stone.
a good vise
a drill press
a sawzall
band saw preferably a 14 inch
a jig saw

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