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Re: Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

When I look in my backyard/forest/fenced garden area I usually just see all green trees, brush and grass, and sometimes deer. But it would be easy to hide a video camera in the foliage and spy on my movements. Do you post the videos on YouTube?

Had some really beautiful days and some nice breaks of wonderful weather which made walking on the beach a real pleasure with great surf watching as we had large waves crashing all along the coast. Now it is settling down and raining again in earnest. Rivers blown out so no steelhead fishing but it was slow anyway. Not a good year for sea run anything it appears.

Replacing the disc brakes on my Ford Escape. Front was easy. Back wheels, I have to "rent" a device to rotate the brake piston back. I got one at NAPA and it is essentially free if returned on time and you have 14 days! What a deal. Didn't want to have to make my own tool just to do this one job.

Need to buy this winter: Ox/Ac torch, welder (stick), dual-fuel generator, table saw, and a 12-inch glide miter saw that I can put on my large bench area on back wall of shop. That way I can cut long pieces of lumber with ease.

Any hints as to good quality stuff listed above? I won't buy cheap **** as that is really stupid when it comes to tools and machines.
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