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Re: Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

So I finished refinishing (removed old dark stain and put on a clear coat) all my wood kitchen cabinets and it really bighted up and added some luster to the kitchen. On to next major task which is to construct some built-in book shelves and TV/Stereo shelving along one wall. Will do this with Birch plywood, made in Russian. May add accents of hard wood on front.

A few boats on the rivers for the winter steelhead. Rivers are low for this time of year - not as much rain especially compared to last year. Will check on the take and decide if fishing is worth it. Crabbing season is very late this year in my area but the pots are stacked on the dock and it looks like they will be getting out soon.

Went on an afternoon hike down to a very secluded beach - hard steep climb down and up but it was worth it. Beautiful day, only partly cloudy, with puffy clouds that spit little misty showers and the rest of the sky blue and bright, and little wind. Absolutely stunning and picturesque - greens, blues, cascading waves, rocky cliffs and shore and the hilly inland as backdrop. I can't post pics - didn't take any - but it would make all you too jealous anyway.
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