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Re: Flopzilla

Hi scylla,

Are there any plans to make flopzilla ranges compatible with Piosolver, Monkersolver or Equilab?

Right now Pio/Monker/Equilab-Power are all compatible with each other, and it's very easy to copy and paste ranges between them all. This is becoming increasingly important due to the heavier use of solvers in today's games.

As much as I hate to say it, flopzilla is starting to feel a little outdated in this sense and I find myself using it less and less when working with ranges due to the lack of cross-compatibility. This really sucks as flopzilla has always been top 3 in terms of best overall poker software imo.

The only workaround I've found is to copy and paste solver ranges from pio/monker into equilab, then copy and paste the equilab format into flopzilla. This doesn't work too well though as flopzilla only supports up to 5 weights which is kind of frustrating.
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