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Re: No worries, it won't last forever

Loma did well. Looking for Mike Garcia the next year. Let's hope the Mexican would be challenging.

My charmed parakeet was buried in a dumpster 10 meters away from the place it had appeared first. I'd caught it in a sheer reflex and had broken its tinny neck accidentally. Like a car crash - boom! your beloved body dead. Kidding you.

The poor, warm, soft living budgie was taken to my home, inserted into the blue cell. Had its place cleaned and was fed quite right all the way to its sepulture. It was strange though. Never left it's cell and would always scream hard being touched by a human. Actually, his fear of being touched had killed him/it. I prefer he. Somehow he got a sort of fungus on his beak and when "the doctor" tried to heal the threat he cried so hard that a red balloon appeared on him. Huge bloody-pink hernia and the fungus covering his break making it hard to take a breath made him look aliens like. I put him in the dumpster after had found the ugly, cold body on the floor of the blue cell a week or two later, a skip 10 meters afar from the point he had appeared first.

The little creature appeared for no reason, from nowhere, led the poor life, felt no love and died in terrible fits. I'm not ready to come up with a moral yet.

Got to go to meet a sunshine approximately at 9 am today. Just in case you have forgotten, I'd like to say there is no time, there is no space. There are you measuring your limits and me loving you.

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