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Re: No worries, it won't last forever

Have you ever tried to catch a bird with your bare hands? I used to have a little green budgie. His name was Kesha, he knew how to pronounce at least 10 words, could bark like a dog and scream a guenea-pig's hungry scream. The little bastard had all chains broken and had flown out of my flat somewhere in his first spring. He was a pain in the ass anyway, all sort of pets are. The thing is that I had a cell remained.

Can't remember how old I was at that time precisely, but it was the time to find my confession. I never found one though. I've been reading Illusions by Richard Bach. Had his Seagull done before. (Just in case you don't know - R.Bach is one of these guys from 60's-70's who were doing lots of brave experiments with drugs I believe. You could find their writing sort of inspiring, especially if you are under your eighteen or do ****tons of drugs. You must be dumb as a ****ing oyster for sure. ) So there was me, the book and the cell. Me was staring at the empty cell after me had read another portion of the dumb book. I've been staring at the empty blue cell with an intention to materialize another instance of a budgie with a power of my mind for 10-15 minutes. Who cares? I wouldn't tell anybody.

A week or two later I felt a gentle punch into my chest on a street. I had grabbed the thing instinctively with my hands to find out that it was a little, blue, young budgie (**** me!) ...

True story, has it's ending I guess. I'm about to make a moral of it the next time or even later. Got to go now. It's almost 5am now. I have found myself in a trouble with meeting sunlight last weeks. Must hate winter. It is always dark outside when I'm awake. Want to see Lomancheko's fight that is going to be at 6am on Sunday by the local clocks. Having a sorrow for all the vulgar words. I've been watching too many of nevertheless funny gigs recently.

Almost forgot -

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