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No worries, it won't last forever

This is going to be my English improving routine first off all. Frankly, I don't expect it to be a long thread, I just have loads of free time and eager to use my time somehow productive. There will be short stories, thoughts, interesting facts, mmm, maybe some conversations. I hope for conversations most of all, honestly. So everybody is extremely welcomed to ask questions, to share opinions, to make fun of my mistakes, whatever. Also, I'm up for any job opportunity wors more than $1/ hour. Let's get started!

I was in a cinema last Sunday. My wife cried there and the audience applauded at the end of the movie which was quite unusual as for a cinema. I mean applauds not the tears. It was "Loving Vincent". Though today's post doesn't suppose to be about the movie but about CARS, I must say, that you'll find out who killed Van Gogh if you haven't seen the movie yet.

We had booked tickets for 7 PM and had left our place at 3 PM with intention to buy some warm clothing and to have a dinner before the seans. It took us around 50 minutes to get there by trolleybus and it took 25 minutes for the same route on our way back home at 10 PM. The difference is about a traffic obviously. So I have come to a conclusion - personal cars must be forbidden. Car owners must be assessed with big taxes at the beginning to provide for electric public transport developing.

Not only due to saving our time. I failed to discover how many people have died in car accidents since the beginning of cars, maybe you could share some researchers on the topic. Google says 1.5 million people died in car accidents last year. I believe at least 10 million have lost their health forever. In a year. My wild guess is 30 million dead bodies, 150 million injured without a chance for recovery since the beginning of the madness. More than any war, any epidemic have taken out off us through the entire history of humanity. Do we need to measure the damages caused by cars, car industry, fuel to the environment?

Tell me please why do you need a car? What's above sounds "not English"? Feel free to ask any questions. I will really appreciate it. And you know... I love you.

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