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Re: [ANN][ICO] CoinPoker: Poker future is today!

Originally Posted by PTLou View Post
I think you made the assumption like many others that primary goal of CoinPoker was to build a new, great poker site. I'm not convinced that was their goal. Time will tell if they do build a new, great poker site, so far they have not and given that they are absolutely ignoring their own thread, I'm guessing they dont give two chits about building a new, great poker site.

The goal could have been to just print computer pixels from air and then sell those pixels to poker players for millions and millions and millions. They have done this and will likely continue to do so.
This isn't a new site. This is just TonyG Poker getting rebranded in order to bait people into giving him milions of $$$$ . The site was huge failure and he droped probably decent money into that project. This is just terrible poker room with software and features being years behind the market. The only difference is it uses it own currency.

There is just value in being first. I mean they don't have even any license I believe as of now and there is quite a few you need (UK,be,dk,bg to name a few ). So as a decentralized poker room they will be super small room with hextremly limited liquidity...... And before you say no, they are sharing the license with TonyG Poker this is just a lie or misdirection because most regulators don't allow cryptocurrencies even bitcoins to be used to facilitate transactions. So them saying they are licensed means nothing because they won't be able to operate on basically every regulated marked and will be just left with couple of grey area markets.... So I can't see them ever operating in USA,UK,Belgium,Holand,France,Italy,Spain,Malta,Bul garia,Romania,Czech Republic,Poland and so on and so on)

I mean the biggest advantage of blockchain is the decentralization so you could built a poker room that isn't based on a central server so you can show middle finger to governments and regulation and thats quite a big issue (hence the rapid growth of apps in Asia and lately Australia and USA).

This site is nothing like that. They want to make the money selling you the ICO but the money they get from it they don't even put into growth of the business and just pocket it (well except for 25% or sth they promised to give back to the players in tournaments etc.) After that they are going to still get most of the rake untill people stop playing. It is a brilliant scam tbh. So they are going to pocket like 75% of the money from the ICO and after that most of the money they get from rake... So basically they will suck out more money from the ecosystem than Amaya does . If they were really interested in the success of the room they would put all the money from ICO into the poker room and then make the money from the rake. But no this is just get rich quick scheme. The room will also collapse very fast without anyone puting the money into growth but they aren't interested in it. This is just Tony trying to recup his TonyG Poker investment and make several milions on top of that.

I mean they just want to desperately be the first to offer the poker coin before a lot more advanced and decentralized poker rooms pop up (e.g. Virtue poker??). So they desperately want to do it before everyone.
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