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Re: PS4 discussion thread

Fidstar do you have Move controllers?

As Heater says, there are 2 "demo discs" downloadable on the PSN store, def get those they give you a sample of tons of things.

If this is your first VR, please please please take it off (if/when) the moment you start feeling a little queezy. If you get affected by the VR version of motions sickness, it's very likely not a big deal and you'll get used to it soon, with short sessions - but trying to "push through it" is not going to go well at all, don't try

I'll 2nd heaters recs. Also:

- Playroom VR (free on PSN, mix of mini games, family friendly, some multiplayer)
- CoD Jackal Assault (free on PSN)
- Star Wars Battlefront 1 VR X-Wing mission (free if you have that game, incredible if you're a Star Wars fan)
- Farpoint is incredible (must buy the physical version with the gun-con)
- SUPER HOT (this is a safe one for beginner / VR sickness, no movement)
- Skyrim!
- Rush of Blood, which is currently:
- If you're on PS+, make sure to be grabbing the free games each month.
- Star Trek Bridge Crew, if you're a trekkie. Werewolf Within if you're a POG werewolf player.

lots more I'm prob not thinking of right now.

If you're on reddit much, sub to /r/PSVR - news for everything there.

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