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Re: [ANN][ICO] CoinPoker: Poker future is today!

coinpoker rep. two questions.

1) Congrats. you all collected ~$6,000,000 for yourselves in the ICO (plus another mill or so in the coin you held back, i think). I'm not sure how standard accounting works in this new crypto world. I assume $6.000.000+ is simply revenue and no impact on your balance sheet? You marketed and sold a product (CHP), for a price someone was willing to pay, is it that simple? If so, the margin on that is I guess infinite because pixels have no cost?

Were company insiders / affiliates allowed to participate in the ICO If so, what % of ICO was bought personally by insiders / affiliates?

Will the cash from your sales this month be used to pay back past development costs, fund your monthly burn (i.e salaries, player acquisition), just drop to your bottom line for month and be distributed to owners, or all of the above?

2) You arbitrarily set the price you sell CHP at .05EUR. Can anyone sell CHP for .05EUR? Where? What forces will impact this exchange rate? Is there any limit on how many CHPs you can print and sell?

edit one more. just saw this response from your rep on your chat board

Hey @user-101 We have already received a confirmation that players from USA will be able to participate as investors. Our legal team is working hard to make sure they can play at CoinPoker as well. The outcome remains to be seen, but we are very optimistic about the chances
could you share some details on your "very optimistic" outlook for US players ability to play real money on your site.

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